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Getting Started

On this wiki you should find information on how to get started on any of our services, and to help you troubleshoot. Please know that if you need assistance, the best place to be is our Discord.
We have dedicated rooms for each service for you to ask for assistance, and someone from admin or a community member will be able to assist.

What is Gezel?

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Gezel Bot

Gezel Bot is our free Discord bot to help you notify your community when you go live on YouTube or Twitch, as well as some awesome additional tools for basic moderation such as role reactions, embeds, and so much more!
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Mystlink is a landing page builder that makes it easy for you to build a high-quality page from scratch, with no coding or technical experience required. You can add any social media profiles or links, and the system will automatically integrate them into the site for you.
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YouTube Channel Rewards

YouTube Channel Rewards extension, brings your Streamerbot rewards to YouTube via a Chrome extension!
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