Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Browsers

Currently the only supported browsers are Chrome and Chromium based browsers. There can be odd behaviour in other browsers such as Firefox and Safari and the bot may not work as expected. We do plan on resolving these in the future, but for now we please ask that you use a Chromium based browser.

There’s a lot of “Coming Soon”

Yes… there is. This is our first ever bot and our dreams our bigger than our knowledge. We can’t promise everything that is “coming soon” will eventually come to life, but we are working on all our features.

Will the bot ever cost money?

So we plan on keeping it as open and free as possible, however with more users means more server power. Right now we have 0 plans to charge, but we’ll come up with interesting ways for a charge in the future, possibly “custom named bots” or something along those lines, we’ll see when the time comes.


We’re currently working on a roadmap, once it’s created I’ll link to it here